The Burroughs Close Up Press Photo

Press For The Burroughs

“I hope you are ready because The Burroughs are back at it! Premiering their new video “Touch The Sky” in anticipation of their new album out January 9th, The Burroughs show why they are so good at what they do.” Bandwagon Magazine

"Of course, more often than not, the creativity The Burroughs exudes comes from performing live on stage – something which they fully realize. Burroughs and his bandmates aren’t just providing lip service about playing music with their friends and they think that solidarity is a big part of the sound that they have on stage." The Marquee

"With nine players — complete with a charismatic frontman, guitar and bass players, a drummer and four horns — their sound harks back to an age when soul was just a stone’s throw from the hallowed halls of gospel." The Know

It really does take a lot to stop me in my tracks and make me listen… even harder to make me turn around while I’m walking off. Nothing online will prepare you for the energy of a Burroughs’ live show.  Chris K. - The Colorado Playlist

"Recorded at The Moxi Theater in Greeley over two nights in May, the album showcases a high energy funk and soul band through 13 tracks that mostly last over five minutes each. It becomes clear why the band chose to release a live album: this is music best experienced live. You can imagine audiences getting worked up into a sweaty frenzy, creating its own kind of funk." Hey Reverb

"The lead single of the release is “You Are My Joy.” The Burroughs wear their influences on their sleeve with classic soul music touchstones, smooth soulful vocals, and just the right amount of horns. When the bridge of this track comes, it’s hard not to at least bob your head if you don’t first find yourself clapping along." BolderBeat - Boulder, Colorado

"There’s a carefree approach to their work that mimics the freedom of soul music. The Burroughs have mastered in transcribing what it sounds like to them."  BandWagon Magazine

"The Burroughs’ self-titled EP showcases a sound that builds off of itself, utilizing layers of vocals, heavy bass lines, rhythm guitar and a proliferating brass section to create something of a whirlwind of absolute power." Scene Magazine

Photo by Talia Lezama